aboutus pic1The Springboard Foundation is raising funds to help children in the Philippines.

Our Vision
Filipino children growing up in nurturing homes with access to good education, nutrition, medical care and good quality career opportunities.

Our Mission
To raise funds to develop healthy, nurturingenvironments for children in the Philippines.

Our Goal is

  • To build schools and day-care centers.
  • To renovate pediatric government hospital wards.
  • To purchase of medicines and life-saving equipment.
  • To establish micro loan funds for young enterprising mothers as source of livelihood.
  • To provide tools and equipment for vocational training.
  • To install family development projects.
  • To implement essential nutrition programs for children.
  • To support homes for abandoned, abused and neglected children.
  • To support birthing homes and knowledge and development centers for women.
  • To supply sport equipment, musical instruments and art materials and other teaching aids to schools and homes for children.