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6th Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan Update

Medical Mission to Isabella, Leyte

Just before Christmas we were able to pull off one of the biggest deliveries of goods in an 18 ton truck, the support of the different women’s groups in the Country, the Union Church and private donations meant that we were able to send a truck with not just goods, but also meds for our largest medical mission. Below is personal account of the team and written by Kitty Martinho one of the volunteers. The journey to Leyte was not easy but the complete satisfaction of a job well done was apparent in all who went.

As the work continues for the rebuild of the area’s most affected we can begin to see lives that are changed again for the better and families getting back on their feet to take care of themselves and their closest friends.



News and Updates

News and Updates
  SITE VISIT IN COMPOSTELA VALLEY (by Gina Tuazon, Program Manager of Springboard Foundation)          I arrived in Davao last July 19, 2013 at about 6:30am and then travelled for 3 hours by car from Davao City to Nabunturan....


Thousands of children around the Philippines walk the streets everyday – poor, hungry, homeless or abandoned. They are very fortunate to have organizations like the Springboard Foundation who are dedicated to improving the lives of children living in...

Disaster Response to Typhoon Maring

                                                                                                           September 4, 2013

 Disaster Response to Typhoon Maring

Mawe appeal to you frhelp in bringing relietthe many people who have lost so much but are still living iflooded anmuddy areas?


46,27families suffered severe losses caused by thefloods during typhoon MaringSarah McLeod of Springboard Foundation visited Montalban, Rizal, nortoMetro Manila and saw that manfamilies were livingin homes flooded, and surrounded by muddy streets.

Photo taken by YouTube

Photo taken by Inquirer


Tropical storm Maring”and the southwest monsoon resulted in heavrainfall and widspread flooding for many dayin 663 areas under 92 municipalities and cities ithe Philippines.  Springboard Foundation donated 1,500 bagof relief goodtthe Asian StudenChristian Foundationfor thefamilies affected iMonatlaban,Rizal and Payatas.

Distribution of relief goods in Montalban


Distribution of relief goods in Payatas


Springboarjoined private NGOwho conducted a medical mission in MonatalbanRizalwhere 500 patientwere served. Oulontime volunteeCaroline Cliff organized thiswonderful mission and we are thankful for her hard work and for the help of the many doctors, nurses and volunteerwho came and lent a helping hand.


Many expavolunteers also helped us packa nd distributrelief goods. We are alwaygrateful to have so many peoplready to volunteetheir time and effortsWwouldn’t have been ablto do so much without their support.


Wstill need to help the people in Laguna. Thiarea hasb een declared a calamityarea” anremains floodetthis day.


Pleasjoin us in bringing relief by donating in cash or in kind.


In kinand casdonations can bdroppeoff a15 Melbourne St. Merville, Paranaque ocall us tarrange for pick-ups. Call 8215440/ 343 3309/0922839641look for Annette or Gina


Transfers can be made to:Springboard Foundation, Inc.

HongkonShanghai Banking CorporatioLimited,Makati MainBranch


PesoAccount#                    000-179-069-040

US Dollar Account#             001-060-458-130

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Banothe PhilippinIslands,Magallanes South, PasayCity

Peso Account#                    0081-0592-09



Please scaand email thdeposit or transfer slips toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> so that wecan senyoan official receipt.



REPORT UPDATE: As of August 24, 2013

National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC)\

Number of areas affected

   663 Areaunder 92 municipalitieand citieare affected




§    Dead21

§    Missing –4

§    Injured –41

§    Evacuees–206,232


                         Number of Evacuation Centers



§          Evacuatiocenters-675

§          Seeking shelter withfriends & relatives-400,762

Number of Affected Population


§    46,276 families

§    206,232 individuals




         §    Infrastructure anagriculture PHP97,300,000.00


                  Issues & Concern

                          §    Some evacuatiocenters are more like a reliedistributiocenters

§    Somaffected families show-up only during reliedistribution

§    Unrealistic number ofamilies supposedly inside evacuatiocenters

§    Very chaotic relief distribution, some families mabmarginalized(single mothers,families with small childrenpeople with disabilities, unaccompanied senior citizens)


                   Needs of Community



          oEducational supplies anuniforof children(since most otheir belongings were flooded)

          oSafdrinking water

          oMedicinesfor common illnesses and for leptospirosis, colds, coughsfever & allergies


          oUnder garments especially for women

          oCooking wares




          oLaundry soap


          oSack bag(for storing theclothes)



Plan of Action with other NGO organization and volunteers(August- September)


1.  Facilitate relief operations to 1,50affected families(7,500persons)

oFirst batch of donations arrived last August 24

oStart of distributiowas August24,2013

oMedical mission served 50patients